Integrating Sphere
LED Measurement Equipments
 Integrating Sphere Measurement System

The main components of an integrating sphere measurement system include:
1. a computer
2. a HAAS-2000 spectroradiometer
3. an integrating sphere
4. USB and RS232 cables connecting the computer and the spectroradiometer
5. an optical fiber cable connecting the spectroradiometer and the integrating sphere

2. The HAAS-2000 software, installed in the computer, controls the measuring process via communication cables and records the measured data for calculation and analysis.
3. Not only can the spectroradiometer measure spectrum power distributions in the 200-2250nm range fast and accurately, but it can also calculate and display all kinds of radiometric, photometric and colorimetric parameters over the visual waveband of 380-780nm, as specified in the requirements of CIE publications.

The integrating sphere is a hollow spherical shell with the interior coated with a non-selective, white, reflection-diffusing layer of paint. The integrating sphere measures photometric parameters according to the theory of integration. GlacialTech has a 0.3m and a 1.5m integrating sphere. T he 0.3m integrating sphere is mainly used to confirm the due qualities of LED chips and the 1.5m integrating sphere is mainly used to verify the due properties of LED lighting products designed.


To Operate:
1. Connect the device to be tested (DUT) to an adequate DC or AC power source
2. Turn on a 110Vac to power the computer
3. Turn on a 220Vac to power the instruments

6. Run the HAAS-2000 software to set the test conditions as well as measure the spectroradiometric, CIE color, photo, and electrical parameters of the device being tested.