Integrating Sphere
LED Measurement Equipments
 Goniophotometer - PM-NFMS ( Near-Field Measurement System )
1. The PM-1200 comes complete with a full version of Radiant Imaging's ProMetric control and analysis software, which provides detailed measurement control and an extensive suite of image analysis functions. ProMetric software functions can be externally accessed through PMEngine? .Net (Framework 2.0) controls so users can build custom test and analysis sequences.
2. The PM-NFMS? system provides accurate near-field luminance distribution data for developers of large light sources, for automotive, transportation, architectural, and other applications. meanwhile the PM-NFMS system will be a function of the dynamic range, measurement resolution, and field of view required.
3. The PM-NFMS system software supports light source performance analysis through an extensive variety of quantitative analyses, including isoplots, CIE color analyses and radar plots. In addition, the PM-NFMS software can be used to extrapolate a far-field illumination distribution from the measured near-field RSM.
4. Instrument panel and lit keypad feature measurement to provides quantitative measurements that correspond to human perception of brightness and color.
5. The PM-NFMS? system performs brightness and color measurements as a function of viewing angle for large light sources.
6. The PM-1200 imaging colorimeter has been specifically designed to deliver the ideal combination of Luminance, Radiance, Illuminance, Irradiance, Luminous Intensity, Radiant Intensity, CIE Chromaticity Coordinates, L*a*b* Color Scale, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Dominant Wavelength.