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【08.20.2015】 GlacialTech Announces 120W LED Flood Light Heatsink Kit for High Output LED Lighting - Igloo SS120
【08.13.2015】 LED Lighting Industry and Value Chain Shift
【07.16.2015】 GlacialLight Announces Emergency Backup Module GL-EM01F for LED Panel Lights and Troffer Lights
【05.20.2015】 GlacialTech to Display Latest LED Lights, Thermal Solutions, and LED Drivers at 20th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
【04.28.2015】 GlacialLight Announces 2015 Down Light Series
【04.07.2015】 GlacialLight Arcturus Bay Light GL-BL30 Nominated as 2015 Taiwan International Lighting Show Innovative Product
【03.26.2015】 GlacialLight Breaks Into Track Lighting with 93lm/W LED Spot Light - GL-TSL30
【03.12.2015】 GlacialLight Introduces Next Generation of LED Modular Ceiling Lightings – GL-PL0303-V2 and GL-PL0312-V2
【03.04.2015】 GlacialLight’s New Outdoor Flood Lights Use CoB LEDs to Generate More Light From Less Power – GL-FL100
【02.11.2015】 GlacialLight New LED Bay Lights Output 10,000 Lumens Using Just 96 Watts–GL-BL100
【01.28.2015】 GlacialTech Announces Stamped Heatsink Series for 100W-200W LED Flood Lights - Igloo SS series
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