Case Studies / TAIWAN
  GlacialLight flood light installed at National Taiwan University. - Taipei-
  The famous and big buddha statue total height about 35 meters which located in Sanmin Village, Fuxing Dist., Taoyuan City. GlacialLight bay light and flood lights brighten up the buddha statue. - Taoyuan-
  The famous Jinan temple located at Shulin Dist., New Taipei City renovated outdoor lighting with GlacialLight flood lights.
- New Taipei-
  The tallest building (85 building) in Kaohsiung City installed with GlacialLight flood light.
- Kaohsiung -
  The I-kuan Tao religion build Taiwan's the largest green energy temple with GlacialLight lighting fixtures, dimmer and GlacialPower drivers - Taipei -
  GlacialLight bay light GL-BL100-WW (96W) improves the lobby brightness at Taichung City Chung Shan Hall. - Taichung -
  GlacialLight lighting fixtures are installed in the largest Taiwanese auto parts chain store - Hong Sheng Motor Department - Taipei -
  GlacialLight Flood Lights (FL12) are decorated around at wedding store - Taichung -
  Taiwan expressway service area (GuKeng) is redecorated with GlacialLight LED flood light, down light, AR111 and MR16 - Yunlin -
  The largest Taiwan expressway service area (Dongshan) is redecorated with GlacialLight LED bay light, flood light, down light, AR111 and MR16 - Tainan -
  One of the most famous Taiwanese aluminum extrusion factory installed with GlacialLight bay lights of GL-BL110 and GL-BL220 - Kaohsiung -
  GlacialLight Flood Light installed at National Taiwan Normal University. - Taipei -
  China Airlines - Taoyuan -
  GlacialLight bay light and down light
application - Taiwan -
  Vegetarian Restaurant
- Kaohsiung -
  The luxury Japanese Dining Restaurant
- Kaohsiung -
  HanshinArena Shopping Plaza. - Kaohsiung -
  The Installation of Spotlights and PanelLight at Gong Clinic.   - Kaohsiung -
  MARRONS Cake Factory. - Kaohsiung -
  The Antiques Furniture & Decorations Shop.
- Kaohsiung -
  The Benz & VW Luxury Car Modification and Maintenance Factory. - Kaohsiung -
  Formosa -Luxury Watches Flagship Store.
- Taiwan -
  SUM-Taiwan's Largest Car Dealer Chain Store.
- Kaohsiung -
  Pro Hopetime Watch Co. - Taichung -
  WuFenPu Market. - Kaohsiung -
  Silver's Watchmaker Shop. - Taipei -
  Chicago Technology Park. - Taipei -
  Opening United Culture Hotel. - Tainan -
  GlacialLight for Indoor Use. - Taiwan -
  DAYA Market. - Taichung -
  Wurih Elmentary School. - Taichung -
  Lan-Yu Primary School. - Taitung -