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 Castor Series   T8 Tube Low power
Indoor use only
Direct replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent tubes
Power factor > 0.9 at 115V AC; power factor > 0.9 at
  230V AC
High power efficiency > 80%
High luminous efficacy LEDs
No UV or IR radiation
Compliance with safety standards: EN61195, EN6134
  7-1+EN61347-2-13, EN62031,
EN60061, EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2/-3-3/-4-
  2-4-6/-4-8/-4-11, FCC Part15B
Cool light, which can reduce the rise of the ambient
Energy saving and environment friendly
To conveniently replace the traditional T8 fluorescent tubes with excellent features, like longer lifetime (>20,000 hrs min.), higher luminous efficacy, lower power consumption, lower heat radiation, and lower environmental pollution, GlacialTech proudly launches the unique Lower Power T8 Series LED Tubes, designed to use efficient 4, 8, 16, and 20W LEDs respectively, corresponding to common 1-foot, 2-foot, 4-foot, and 5-foot tubes, and individually supported by four AC input voltage specs, including 100-110V, 120V, 220-240V, and 277V. They fit standard G13 sockets and are an optimum lighting solution for commercial, local, or public area lighting.
If the input voltage does not stay within its specified range, however, the tube may not light up due to a low input voltage insufficient to start up the tube successfully. Or, the tube may flicker on and off due to a high input voltage, setting off the inbuilt Over Temperature Protection (OTP), which shuts down the tube at overly high temperatures as well as automatically starting up the tube at a relatively low temperature.
It should be highlighted that the patented LED driver built into the LED tube is one of our eco-friendly inventions. Unlike the conventional LED drivers, emitting Electromagnetic Interference (EMI, also called Radio Frequency Interference or RFI) via either electromagnetic conduction or electromagnetic radiation, our innovative LED driver emits neither noise nor interference and will not interfere with the effective performance of noise-sensitive electronic devices such as television sets, cell phones, AM/FM radios, medical instruments, military equipment, and the like.
Model No. GL-LT8-05CW GL-LT8-10CW GL-LT8-20CW GL-LT8-25CW
CCT(Color) 6000K
Power Consumption 5 W 10 W 20 W 25 W
Luminous Flux (lm) 300 lm 547.3 lm 1069.7 lm 1,500 lm
Input Voltage 100-110V AC/ 120V AC/ 220-240V AC/ 277VAC
Work Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Socket Base
Operation Temp.
-20°C ~ +40°C
System Efficacy 60 lm/W 60 lm/W 60 lm/W 60 lm/W
CRI (Minimum) > 60
Beam Angle
Clear/ Frosted
2 Years
Local Lighting/ Commercial Lighting/ Public Place Lighting
Outline Dim.
Ф28.5*330 mm
Type1: Ф28.5*580 mm
Type2: Ф28.5*600 mm
Ф28.5*1200 mm Ф28.5*1500 mm
Net. Weight
70 g 150 g 300 g 370 g
Package 24 Boxes / 2 Packs / Carton 12 Boxes / 2 Packs / Carton
* All specifications apply to the fixture assembly as a whole.
Due to the slight variations in the testing environment such as differences in ambient temperature or test equipment calibration, specifications are statistical reference values and may not match the actual technical parameters of an individual product.
Candle Power Distribution Curve
IES file 4F-CW 2F-CW
User's Manual
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