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DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international standard, popular lighting control protocol BUS, With digital addressing dimming, stable, various dimming ways, easy to install.

GL-DA02 adopt standard DALI dimming signal to transform 10V PWM dimming signal or transform DC 0/1-10V dimming signal. It is compatibility with IEC62386 standard. Compared with traditional LED dimming way, have a wide range of dimming, various dimming way, high precision dimming, can inquire the state of lamps.

GL-DA02 is a DALI to PWM/DC 0-10V/DC 1-10V converter which is suitable for the control of 3 in 1 (DC/PWM/Resistor) dimmable drivers. It can switch ON and OFF the driver, provide 0.1%-100% duty cycle of PWM signal to the dimmable driver to control the light level according to the DALI commands.

 Compatibility with DALI standard (IEC62386 Part 102 & Part 206)
 DALI signal line regardless of pole
 Screw-less connector, easy to install
 Selectable output for PWM / DC 0-10V / DC 1-10V
 Selectable dimming curve for logarithm or linear
 Build-in Relay to turn ON/OFF driver completely
 3 years warranty
Electrical Specifications
Electrical Specification MIN. TYP. MAX.
Input Voltage (VAC) 90   290
Power Consumption (W)   1.6 3
DALI Bus Current Consumption (mA)     2
Suitable Electric Wire (AWG) 22   16
PWM Frequency(Hz)   500
PWM High Level Voltage (VDC) 9.5 10 10.5
PWM Low Level Voltage (VDC)   0
PWM Output current sourcing (mA) -60   60
DC 0/1-10V output accuracy   ± 3%  
DC Output current sourcing (mA) -5   60
Other Functional Description
Compatibility DALI Standard IEC62386 Part-102 & Part-206
DALI Input reversed protection Yes
Number of output channel 1
Output channel short protection Yes
Weight 100g ±10%
Dimensions (L×W×H) 150×40×28 mm
Operating Temperature Range -20~+40°C
Relay Switch (1 channel ) 2A / Max inrush current 70A
Outline / Dimension
GL-DA02 Connection
GL-DA02 Drive Capability
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