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 GL-TL0606BK-V2 available in Emergency light version with GL-EM01F-700-24B2 pre-installed.
 Provides 90 minutes of backup illumination.
 Supports full worldwide voltage range 100V-277V at 50/60Hz.
 Output Current customizable 700mA.
 Output Short Circuit Protection: Resettable thermal fuse.
 Meets US and Canadian safety standards: cURus 924.
Type GL-EM01F-700-24B2
Input Voltage 100V~277V ±10% , 50/60Hz
Surge Protection C62.41 (MOV)
Over Current Protection FUSE
Input Current 0.07A
Input Power < 4W
Output Current 700mA
Output Working Voltage 11-36Vdc
Output Short Circuit Protection self resetting PTC
Re-Charge Time Required 32 Hours
Battery Type LiFePO4 9.6Vdc
Battery Capacity Available 3 Ah
Illumination Time >90 Minutes
Total Maximum LED Power 20W
Ambient Temperature 10°C~40°C LiFePO4
Certification of Emergency LED Driver cURus 924
Emergency LED Driver & Lifepo4 Batteries RoHS compliant
Test Mode Test Button with Indicator
* All specifications apply to the fixture assembly as a whole.
Due to the slight variations in the testing environment such as differences in ambient temperature or test equipment calibration, specifications are statistical reference values and may not match the actual technical parameters of an individual product.
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