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     Igloo SS250
Support to multiple COB and multi-chip LEDs.
Glass lens for COB are available.
IP66 rated, suitable for outdoor applications.
Adjustable multi-angle stainless steel mounting bracket including screws.
Customized for screw holes, heatsink size, brackets and heat pipe layout are available.
Type : Igloo SS250
(single CoB, 5 heatpipes)
Igloo SS250
Part No. AT-SS250000AB2001 CT-SS250000AB0001
Dimension (mm) 400 × 200 × 110 400 × 200 × 110
Weight (g) 4180 4315
Material Aluminum + Copper Aluminum
Color Black
Surface Treatment ED Coating
Crafts Stamping + Bonding
thermal resistance (°C / W) 0.3786 0.3144
surface area (mm^2) 2,629,900 2,667,600
Reference design power
~315W ~235W
Technical drawing
The reference system power is based on power efficiency is 95% and case temperatures of COB
     and m-chip are 120 and 95 J.
The single COB solution is based on heat pipe solution.
Single Unit Kits    
Part No. CT-SS250000AB1002
Material SUS201+ SPCC+SS304
Contents U type bracket x1
Driver bracket x 1
M10-20L Screw x4
M5-16L Screw x4
Color black
Surface Treatment electrophoresis
Crafts Stamping
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