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DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international standard, popular lighting control protocol BUS, With digital addressing dimming, stable, various dimming ways, easy to install.

GL-DA02 adopt standard DALI dimming signal to transform 10V PWM dimming signal or transform DC 0/1-10V dimming signal. It is compatibility with IEC 62386 standard. Compared with traditional LED dimming way, have a wide range of dimming, various dimming way, high precision dimming, can inquire the state of lamps.

GL-DA02 is a DALI to PWM/DC 0-10V/DC 1-10V converter which is suitable for the control of 3 in 1 (DC/PWM/Resistor) dimmable drivers. It can switch ON and OFF the driver, provide 0.1%-100% duty cycle of PWM signal to the dimmable driver to control the light level according to the DALI commands.

 Compatibility with IEC 62386 standard (Part 206)
 DALI signal line regardless of pole
 Screw-less connector, easy to install
 Selectable output for PWM / DC 0-10V / DC 1-10V
 Selectable dimming curve for logarithm or linear
 Build-in Relay to turn ON/OFF driver completely
 3 years warranty
Electrical Specifications
Electrical Specification MIN. TYP. MAX.
Input Voltage (VAC) 90   290
Power Consumption (W)   1.6 3
DALI Bus Current Consumption (mA)     2
Suitable Electric Wire (AWG) 22   16
PWM Frequency(Hz)   500
PWM High Level Voltage (VDC) 9.5 10 10.5
PWM Low Level Voltage (VDC)   0
PWM Output current sourcing (mA) -60   60
DC 0/1-10V output accuracy   ± 3%  
DC Output current sourcing (mA) -5   60
Other Functional Description
Compatibility DALI Standard IEC 62386 (Part 102 & Part 206)
DALI Input reversed protection Yes
Number of output channel 1
Output channel short protection Yes
Weight 100g ±10%
Dimensions (L×W×H) 150×40×28 mm
Operating Temperature Range -20~+40°C
Relay Switch (1 channel ) 2A / Max inrush current 70A
Outline / Dimension
GL-DA02 Connection
GL-DA02 Drive Capability
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