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 Spica Series   Light Bar Series
High Power LED Light Bar
Eco-friendly construction with a tiny footprint
Extendable light bar, patented modular design
No dark zones and seamless connection
Built-in LED driver for a stable and uniform light output
Built-in dimming circuit for intensity control
Non-polarity design, prevents incorrect installation
Non UV/IR, low heat and long lifetime
Lengths:30, 60, 90 and 120cm available
Model No. LED Color Operating
Length Total Power Color Temp Intensity Viewing
GL-L401IA Cool White 24V DC 15cm 1.65w 5000~6300K 95~125lm 110 °
GL-L401IB Warm White 2600~3000K 68~90lm
GL-L403IA Cool White 24V DC 30cm 3.3 W 5000~6300K 190~250lm 110 °
GL-L403IB Warm White 2600~3000K 135~180lm
GL-L406IA Cool White 24V DC 60cm 6.6 W 5000~6300K 380~500lm 110 °
GL-L406IB Warm White 2600~3000K 270~360lm
GL-L409IA Cool White 24V DC 90cm 9.9 W 5000~6300K 570~750lm 110 °
GL-L409IB Warm White 2600~3000K 405~540lm
GL-L412IA Cool White 24V DC 120cm 13.2 W 5000~6300K 760~1000lm 110 °
GL-L412IB Warm White 2600~3000K 540~720lm
Remark : Input DC 12V available .
No. Model Description
1 LS-PP Light Bar seamless type connector
2 LS-PLP-L25 25cm connection cable between Light Bar
LS-PLP-L50 50cm connection cable between Light Bar
LS-PLP-L100 100cm connection cable between Light Bar
LS-PLP-L150 150cm connection cable between Light Bar
3 LS-PLP-UJ U-shape jumper between Light Bar
4 LS-PL-L30 30cm power line for Light Bar
5 LS-PL-L50RA 50cm right angel power line for Light Bar
LS-PL-L183RA 183cm right angel power line for Light Bar
6 LS-M1 Flat type mounting clip (including screw)
7 LS-DCC4000 Dimmer Box
8 PPJ Cable-to-cable extension joint
9 MCJ Multiple cable-to-cable extension joint
10 PL-SW Bar-to-adaptor connection cable with inline switch
Illustrations for LightBar connection
No. Model No. * Type Plug Type Output(W) Input(V) Output(V/Imax)
1 GP-AS024N-24-US Wallmount US 24Watt 100~240VAC 24VDC/1.0A
2 GP-AS024N-24-EU Wallmount Euro 24Watt 100~240VAC 24VDC/1.0A
3 GP-AS060N-24-US Desktop US 60Watt 100~240VAC 24VDC/2.5A
4 GP-AS060N-24-EU Desktop Euro 60Watt 100~240VAC 24VDC/2.5A
5 GP-ES320P-24 Enclosure N/A 320Watt 100~240VAC 24VDC/13A
 * Each model may have more than one vendor to supply equivalent product
Cabinet, Bookshelf, Cupboard, Showcase, Cove lighting, etc.
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