Products / LED Luminaires / AR111-V2 / GL-AR111-V2-9
 Low weight, 95g, and attractive design
 An easy replacement for older AR111/G53 halogen lamps
 Bright, power saving, eco-friendly LEDs
 Luminous Efficacy of up to 86 lumens/watt
 Efficiency and good thermal design reduces heatNo UV or IR radiation
 Very long 30,000 hour life
 RoHS compliant, No Mercury, No IR or UV light radiation
 Extremely durable and robust
 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Type GL-AR111-V2-9-WW GL-AR111-V2-9-CW
Energy Used 10 W
Rated Life 30,000 Hours
Input Voltage 12V AC/DC
CCT (color) 2700K 5700K
Luminous Flux 640 lm 860 lm
System Efficacy 64 lm/W 86 lm/W
CRI 80 70
Base G53
Beam Angle 28°
Dimension Ø 111 x 52.7 mm
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ +40°C
Net Weight 95 g
Package 36 Box / Carton
* All specifications apply to the fixture assembly as a whole.
Due to the slight variations in the testing environment such as differences in ambient temperature or test equipment calibration, specifications are statistical reference values and may not match the actual technical parameters of an individual product.
Outline / Dimension
One driver with multiple AR111-V2-9 Application Solutions
The advantages of the DC-to-DC LED driver in the traditional approach
 1. Having high compatibility with more than 90% of AC electronic transformers available in the market.
 2. Allowing an input voltage 12VAC/DC from an AC electronic transformer, an AC source or a DC source.
 3. Keeping the output current nearly constant.
 4. Using Japanese capacitors to prolong lifespan.
The advantages of bundling AR111 LED luminaries with the GlacialPower AC-to-DC LED driver
 1. The AC-to-DC LED driver can accommodate a universal AC input voltage range 90~264Vac.
 2. High efficiency and high reliability benefit from the one-stage power conversion.

  3. No compatibility issue is caused and the LED lifetime prolonged by eliminating the need for the AC
   electronic transformer and the DC-to-DC LED driver in the lighting system.
 4. Accredited with the IP67 ingression protection against dust and water, the HS10P and TS10P
  series can put up with harsh environments.
 5. The AC-to-DC LED drivers also comply with the IEC61347 safety standard, go with Power Factor Correction
  (PFC) function and can work with traditional AC dimmers.
 6. Having no drivers in the LED luminaire can reduce the temperature, improve the brightness and prolong
  the lifetime.
AR111-V2AN-9 with no driver in built GP-HS10P-36C1
AR111-V2AD-9 with no driver in built GP-TS10P-30L1 or GP-TS10P-30H1( AC-TRIAC Dimmable )
Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram
GL-AR111-V2-9-CW / CCT : 5700K
GL-AR111-V2-9-WW / CCT : 2700K
GL-AR111-V2 LED vs. AR111 Halogen Lamp Comparison Table
Item Picture Manufacturer P(Watt) Input Voltage Luminous
Flux (lm)
CCT CRI Beam Angle
1 GlacialLight
9.9W 12V AC 637 64.3 2774K 81.2 28
2 OxxxM
54.2W 12V AC 645 11.9 2927K 99.9 24
LED Driver Dimensions
  Non-Dimmable : GP-HS10P-36C1
  Dimmable : GP-TS10P-30L1 or GP-TS10P-30H1
IES file 2700K (WW)-28D 5700K (CW)-28D
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AR111-V2 Installation Instructions
Housing Installation Guidelines
Driver with multiple AR111-V2-9 application solutions
  AR111-V2AD series (AC-TRIAC Dimmable)
AR111 Housing