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     Igloo SS400
LED Heat Sink Catalogue  ¡U Thermal Design Inquiry
Rated for 400W CoB or MCPCB LEDs.
0.1875 °C/W thermal resistance.
Adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and screws.
Available in single and double unit configurations up to 800W.
IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor applications.
Waterproof glass cover available.
Type : Igloo SS400
Part Number : CT-SS400000AK0001
Dimension (mm) : 400 x 270 x 110
Weight (g) : 5750
Material : AL1050
Color : Black
Surface Treatment : Black Anode
Crafts : Stamping + Bonding
thermal resistance (°C / W) : 0.1875
surface area (mm^2) : 3912600
Reference design power (watts) : 350~400W
  Single unit kits Double unit kits
Part No. CT-SS400000AK2001 CT-SS400000AK3001
External Dimension 405 x 343 x 100mm 451 x 460 x 353mm
Material SUS201 SUS201
IP Rating N/A N/A
Contents Main bracket x 1
I shape bracket x 2 (Iron)
L shape bracket x 2 (Iron)
M5x8 Screw &nut x 12
M10 Screw &nut x 4
Main bracket x 1
Ω shape bracket x 2
I shape bracket x 4 (Iron)
L shape bracket x 2 (Iron)
M5x8 Screw &nut x 20
M10 Screw &nut x 12
Packing 10 pcs in one carton 10 pcs in one carton
Net Weight 2830 g 5650g
  Glass Cover
Part No. CT-SS400000AK1001
External Dimension 360 x 266 x 50mm
windows: 275 x 188mm
Material AL1050 + Tempered Glass
IP Rating IP 65
Contents Cover x 1
Ring x 1
Screw x 22
Ventilation valve x 1
Applicable light source N/A
Packing 10 pcs in one carton
Net Weight 1250 g
  Cable Gland
Part No. 2K-M12T0811
Material "Body¡GBrass
Lamellar Cage¡GNylon
Thread M12 x 1.5
Cable Range Φ 4~8
Thread O.D. C1 12
Panel Mounting Hole 12.0~12.3
Thread Length C2 10
Spanner Size. A/F 17 / 17
Body Min. I.D. 8
IP Rating IP 67
Temperature Range -25°C ~ 100°C
Std. Pks (pcs) 100
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