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     Igloo SS120 PLUS
LED Heat Sink Catalogue  ¡U Thermal Design Inquiry
Rated for 200W CoB or MCPCB LEDs.
Low thermal resistance: 0.3124°C/W.
IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor applications.
Adjustable multi-angle stainless steel mounting bracket including screws.
Available in single, double or triple LED unit options.
Two brackets for rugged triple LED unit deployment.
Waterproof glass cover and reflector are available.
CoB LED lens is available.
Type : Igloo SS120 PLUS
Part Number : CT-SS120P00AB0002
Dimension (mm) : 370 x 134 x 115
Weight (g) : 2930
Material : AL1100
Color : Black
Surface Treatment : Electrophoresis
Crafts : Stamping + Bonding
thermal resistance (°C / W) : 0.3124
surface area (mm^2) : 1984900
Reference design power (watts) : 200W
  Single unit kits Double unit kits Triple unit kits
Part No. CT-SS120000AB2002 CT-SS120000AB3002 CT-SS120P00AB4001
Material SUS201 + SPCC SUS201 + SPCC + AL1100 SUS201 + SPCC + AL1100
IP Rating N/A N/A N/A
Contents Main bracket x 1
U shape bracket x 1(Iron)
M5x8 Screw &nut x 4
M10 Screw &nut x 4
Main bracket x 1
V shape bracket x 2 (Aluminum)
I shape bracket x 2 (Iron)
L shape bracket x 2 (Iron)
M5x8 Screw &nut x 12
M10 Screw &nut x 12
Main bracket x 2
W shape bracket x 2 (Aluminum)
U shape bracket x 1 (Iron)
I shape bracket x 2 (Iron)
L shape bracket x 2 (Iron)
M5x8 Screw &nut x 16
M10 Screw &nut x 20
Packing 10 pcs in one carton 10 pcs in one carton 4 pcs in one carton
Net Weight 1200 g 2500 g 4400 g
  Glass Cover Reflector A Reflector C
Part No. CT-SS120000AB1001 27-SS12S001 27-SS12S011
External Dimension 357 x 132 x 35mm
windows: 298 x 84mm
308 x 96 x 26.1mm 308 x 96 x 26.1mm
Material AL1050 + Tempered Glass AL1050 AL1050
IP Rating IP 65 N/A N/A
Contents Cover x 1
Ring x 1
Screw x 22
Ventilation valve x 1
Applicable light source N/A SMD LED light module
Source size¡G236 x 34mm
CoB LED x 3
Source size¡G34 x 34mm
Packing 10 pcs in one carton 20 pcs in one carton 20 pcs in one carton
Net Weight 650 g 60g 70g
  Cable Gland  
Part No. 2K-M12T0811  
Material "Body¡GBrass
Lamellar Cage¡GNylon
Thread M12 x 1.5
Cable Range Φ 4~8
Thread O.D. C1 12
Panel Mounting Hole 12.0~12.3
Thread Length C2 10
Spanner Size. A/F 17 / 17
Body Min. I.D. 8
IP Rating IP 67
Temperature Range -25°C ~ 100°C
Std. Pks (pcs) 100
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