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 Mizar Series  GL-MR16-5W
The unique MR16 LED Bulbs from GlacialTech use high luminescence LEDs at a very economical 5 Watts power consumption. The MR16 LED GlacialLight can replace traditional MR16 halogen lamps that are found at homes and in offices today. The durability is exceptional with a long lifetime (min. 20,000 hrs) and high luminous efficacy as well as reducing environmental pollution. The bulbs can be used on the standard GU5.3 socket with 12V AC/DC to conveniently replace traditional light sources. The MR16 LED GlacialLight Bulbs are extensively suitable for indoors, including for ornamental decoration, shop window lighting and spotlighting.
For indoor use only
Direct replacement for any halogen MR16 bulb
Compatible with electronic transformers without LED driver
Power conversion efficiency > 80%
High luminous efficacy LED
No UV or IR radiation
Compliance with safety standards:
  EN60968, EN61347-1 + EN61347-2-13, EN55015, EN60825-1, FCC Part 18
Cool light to prevent heat buildup and associated heat degeneration
Energy saving and environment friendly
Model No. GL-MR16-5WW GL-MR16-5CW
CCT(Color) 3000K 6000K
Power Consumption 5 W
Luminous Flux (lm) 220 lm 345 lm
Input Voltage 12V AC-DC
Socket Base GU5.3
Operation Temperature -20 °C - +40 °C
System Efficacy 32 lm/W 40 lm/W
CRI > 80 > 75
Beam Angle 25° / 60°
Warranty 2 Years
Applications Shop Window Lighting/ Cabinet Lighting/ Commercial Lighting/ Meeting room/ Indoor ornament / Spot Lighting/ Hallway Lighting
Outline Dim. Ф 49.3*49.5 mm
Net. Weight 47g
Package 100 Boxes/ 10 Packs/ Carton
Box Dimension/ Weight L= 522*280*143mm / 65 g
* All specifications apply to the fixture assembly as a whole.
Due to the slight variations in the testing environment such as differences in ambient temperature or test equipment calibration, specifications are statistical reference values and may not match the actual technical parameters of an individual product.
The advantages of the DC-to-DC LED driver in the traditional approach
 1. Having high compatibility with more than 90% of AC electronic transformers available in the market
 2. Allowing an input voltage 12VAC/DC from an AC electronic transformer, an AC source or a DC source
 3. Keeping the output current nearly constant
 4. Using Japanese capacitors to prolong lifespan
 5. Having over temperature protection to avoid high-temperature operation
The advantages of bundling MR16 LED luminaries with the GlacialPower AC-to-DC LED driver
 1. The AC-to-DC LED driver can accommodate a universal AC input voltage range 90~264Vac.
 2. High efficiency and high reliability benefit from the one-stage power conversion.

  3. No compatibility issue is caused and the LED lifetime prolonged by eliminating the need for the AC
   electronic transformer and the DC-to-DC LED driver in the lighting system.
 4. Accredited with the IP67 ingression protection against dust and water, the HS05N series can put up
   with harsh environments.
 5. The AC-to-DC LED driver also complies with the IEC 61347 safety standard.
MR16 5W HS05N
Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram
MR16-5W-25D-CW MR16-5W-25D-WW MR16-5W-60D-CW MR16-5W-60D-WW
IES file ( 25D-CW )(25D-WW )( 60D-CW )( 60D-WW )
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