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To conveniently replace the traditional BR halogen lamps with excellent features, like longer lifetime (>35,000 hrs min.), higher luminous efficacy, and lower environmental pollution, GlacialTech proudly launches the unique BR40 Series LED Bulbs that use efficient 9W/15W LEDs, feed on an universal AC input voltage of 100-240V, use standard E26/E27 sockets, and apply to accent, local, or spot lighting. There are two options: the GL-BR40 (non-dimming) and the GL-BR40D (TRIAC-dimming) with the suffix “D” standing for “dimming.”
For indoor use only
Direct replacement for traditional halogen bulbs or CFLs
Power factor > 0.9 at 115V AC; power factor > 0.8 at 230V AC
High power efficiency > 80%
High luminous efficacy LEDs
No UV or IR radiation
Compliance with safety standards:
 EN60968, EN61347-1+EN61347-2-13, EN55015+EN61000-3-2 class C, EN60825-1, FCC Part 18, UL1993,
 CSA C22.2 No.74
Cool light, which can reduce the rise of the ambient temperature
Energy saving and environment friendly
Risk of electric shock  For dry location only  Do not use with dimmer
Do not use in totally enclosed recessed fixtures
Model No. GL-BR40-15WW GL-BR40-15CW
CCT(Color) 3000K 6000K
Power Consumption 17.2 W
Lumens Output 807 lm 1024 lm
Input Voltage 100-240V AC; 50-60 Hz
Input AC Current 0.3 A Max.
Socket Base E26 / E27
Operation Temperature -20 °C - +40 °C
System Efficacy 44 lm/W 54 lm/W
CRI 80 75
Beam Angle 120 ° / 60 ° (Option)
Warranty 3 Years
Applications Architectural Lighting/ Cabinet Lighting/ Commercial Lighting/ Landscape Lighting/ Spot Lighting/ Accent Lighting/ Hallway Lighting
Outline Dim. Ф 127*158 mm
Net. Weight 450 g
Package 12 Boxes / Carton
Box Dimension/ Weight L=163*160*200mm / 0.6 KG
* All specifications apply to the fixture assembly as a whole.
Due to the slight variations in the testing environment such as differences in ambient temperature or test equipment calibration, specifications are statistical reference values and may not match the actual technical parameters of an individual product.
Outline / Dimension

Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram
BR40-15W-CW-60D BR40-15W-WW-60D BR40-15W-CW-120D BR40-15W-WW-120D
Energy Saving & CO2 Reduction Comparison Table
Item GL-BR40-15CW (6000K) CFL Halogen Bulbs
Lifetime 35,000hrs 6,000hrs 3,000hrs
Typical Power Consumption( =A) 17.2 W 27 W 100 W
Typical Power Consumption per year
75.34 KW 118.26 KW 438 KW
CO2 Quantity (Kgs/year) (0.637*B=D) 50 Kgs 75 Kgs 280 Kgs
Energy Saving Rate (Compare with CFL) 37%
Energy Saving Rate (Compare with Halogen Bulbs) 83%
CO2 calculation reference IPCC guide=0.637 CO2/KWh (Taiwan)
IES file 15W-CW-60D 15W-WW-60D 15W-CW-120D 15W-WW-120D
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