GlacialLight LED Flood Lighting For Adverse Environments – GL-FL180
  - An energy-efficient 175W AC flood light with corrosion, vibration and high temperature resistance -

22 August, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has added GL-FL180, a 175W AC-input LED Flood Light with Philips Lumileds LED chips to its popular range of energy efficient LED lighting products.

Built for adverse environments, GL-FL180 features aluminum die-cast alloy housing, high-strength glass, stainless steel skidproof screws and phase-change metal (PCM) thermal interface material (TIM). These combination of features make GL-FL180 ideal for high temperature, corrosive, or high vibration environments; for example, beaches, general factory sites or chemical factories.

Phase-change metal TIM's provides extreme thermal conductivity and the lowest thermal resistance. Compared to traditional TIM's, PCM TIM's have an increased ability to dissipate heat by approximately 10-12% as well as have the advantage of not drying out over time. The PCM TIM sits between the LED panel and the heat sink to provide long-lasting, high-performance thermal conduction in order to keep the GL-FL180 running cool and efficiently.

GL-FL180 can accept a wide range of AC voltages – from 100 to 277 volts – it is suitable for a variety of operating environments. Its ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures (-20°C ~ +40°C) and the IP65 certificated design means this flood light can be used in nearly all weather conditions.

GL-FL180 is sold in three different versions with varying 30° / 60° / 110° beam angles, suitable for different uses. A 110° beam angle unit, the only GlacialLight flood light using frosted glass, is suitable for broad range luminance; for example, sports fields, gardens, or plaza landscaping. A 30° beam angle unit can project light to focus on particular details; for example, columns, sculptures, artistic works and architectural projection.

Making the most out of LED technology, GlacialLight's GL-FL180 converts electricity to light with outstanding efficiency. Compared to equivalent mercury flood lights, this LED flood light consumes far less power for the same light output. The whole fixture of the GL-FL180-WW delivers the luminous efficacy of 63 lumens per watt, and the GL-FL180-CW has a luminous efficacy of 79 lumens per watt.

Two color variants of GL-FL180 are available. GL-FL180-WW provides a 3000K (Warm White) beam with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80, and GL-FL180-CW, which illuminates with a 5700K (Cool White) beam and a CRI of 70.

With the environment in mind GlacialLight designed the GL-FL180 Flood Light to contain no hazardous chemicals, such as mercury, and to create no harmful radiation emissions such as UV or IR, making them more eco-friendly than traditional lighting. This AC input flood light is also more economically friendly compared to traditional lighting products because of both lower power consumption and greater amount of light produced.

Aluminum die-cast alloy housing and high strength glass
IP66 certified
LED chips by Philips Lumileds
Offers a variety of beam angles applications (30°/ 60°/110°)
New heat-conducting phase-change metal thermal interface material
Ideal replacement for traditional incandescent bulb or halogen lamps
Corrosion resistant stainless steel brace and screws (skidproof)
Eco-friendly: No UV, no IR, & no mercury
Type GL-FL180-WW GL-FL180-CW
Energy Used 175W
Rated Life 30,000 Hours
Input Voltage 100-277V AC
Power Factor (PF) 0.98 @120V AC, 0.94@240V AC
CCT (color) 3000K 5700K
Luminous Flux 11000 lm 13800 lm
Luminous Efficacy 63 lm/W 79 lm/W
CRI (Typ.) 80 70
Beam Angle 30° / 60° / 110°
Dimension 425 x 325 x 235mm
IP Rating IP66
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ +40°C
Net Weight 12Kg
Package 1 PCS / Carton
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